More Work

A Collection of Miscellaneous Work

Over the years I've worked on logos, branding, videos, packaging, copywriting, social media posts, websites, posters, and most other design related projects one can think of. Below is a collection of work that isn't "case study" sized but provided plenty of value to the client.

Things I did
Branding, Layout,
UI/UX, Motion,
Style Guide Design
My Title
J Lind
J Lind is a Nashville based singer/songwriter. I developed an extensible visual system inspired by bookplates that can scale as he grows as an artist. It consists of a series of glyphs, a monogram, and a type/layout system.
Roulaine is a Nashville based musician. I developed branding as well as single options for his first track.
Winter Ball 2018 Poster
Poster options for a Winter concert in Knoxville. The left option was chosen.
Klassy Klean
Klassy Klean is a cleaning service based in Birmingham, Alabama.
Steel City Pops
Packaging for a new product being offered by a popscicle company based out of Birmingham. Completed at Scout Branding.
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